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fermy wrote:

Even more interesting is that bunch of other chinese/hk ebay shops sell exactly the same RJ adapter for varying prices. I've got my FD adapter for $23 or so not from jinfinance and not from rainbow imaging and it still was the same RJ adapter. IMO one can simply go for the cheapest price in most mounts. The exception to this happens when you need some non-trivial control, e.g. geared focusing wheel for Contax G lenses.

Yup! There are a few feeder manufacturers if I may use that term, and 6 to 8 popular sellers. Even the individual sellers themselves have varying prices on the same identical item. Rainbow Imaging for example has the identical M42 adapter up for three different prices - usually within $5 of each other though.


At Len_Gee:

Not really no. The Novoflex M43 to Nikon adapter for just one example, is of very inferior quality. It's just astronomically priced. They do of course have some good ones too tho.

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