Need small bounce flash for 4/3

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Re: Nissin Di466

charles1976 wrote:


FL36 and Di466 is about the same size.
Di466 is heavier i believe.
apple to apple, Di466 is a better choice, in my opinion.

Sounds reasonable.

but in regards to size and portability,
RD2000 is better than FL14 because it can bounce.
(even though no TTL on the RD2000)
but with FL14 being erratic within 1m... it's almost considered manual, no? hehe

I've tried the FL-14, and really haven't found it very useful.

Still, TTL can be very handy. I used to use a Nikon SB400 on my Nikon DSLR, and for the rare occasion that I needed flash, it did the trick. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything quite like that for m4/3 yet.

of course anything heavier than FL14 mounted on the Pen is bound to feel head- heavy. pen's lack of hand grip doesn't help either.

for me.. it feels fine when i'm taking pictures but it tend to topple over while being hung on my neck, hands-free .

That's what I would have expected

but then again most APSC Dslr does the same right?

True enough!


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