Please help me choose a Mac Keyboard for Light Room!

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Re: Please help me choose a Mac Keyboard for Light Room!

DFPanno wrote:

Do the various Apple keyboards make a difference (ie the small wireless as compared to the model with the numeric keypad) relative to LR fuctionality?

Whether Apple or not, I would recommend an extended USB keyboard, not the basic kind that lacks a numeric keyboard. For Lightroom specifically, the extended keyboard will:
...Give you better layout for the arrow keys

...Let you more easily use the Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys to navigate your thumbnail grid and zoomed-in views

...The numeric keypad can accelerate keyword assignment if you take advantage of the Option key-(number) shortcut to apply one of the last nine keywords using the 1-9 keys

...The plus-minus keys on the keypad you may find easier to reach than on the main keyboard, for adjusting your correction values incrementally

...You might prefer to use the 1-5 keys on the keypad for star-rating your images

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