Do you want the G(H)* to be smaller?

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Re: Sometimes yes, sometimes no

Voldenuit wrote:

A GH* with a battery grip that can be removed to turn it into a GF* would be amazing. They could put the viewfinder and integrated flash onto the battery grip, paring the body down to a 'bare minimum' configuration when maximum portability is called for. Maybe they could spin off a separate line, the GM (M for 'modular').

In think that could be cool. I was thinking more like the little Sony -- with a really minimalist body and a grip with more complete controls, but your idea works for me as well.

Modular body? That sounds suspiciously like some of the rumors that have been floating around the Oly camp.

Hadn't thought about it, but maybe there is hope for us.

One thing I would like to see is a multi aspect ratio sensor with 3/4 as well - so you can take portrait pictures without having to turn the camera around and without having the dreaded flash sidelight.

I'd like a square sensor with all aspect rations available in both horizontal and vertical. I have never, ever had a camera that handled equally well in both orientations. And if they did that they could get by with a tilt LCD rather than fully articualted.

Oh, and faster X-sync internal flash speeds. Maybe even FP-sync. If they move the flash onto proposed battery grip, I think that's a definite possibility. Oh, and wireless flash control.

Yes again -- maybe we'll soon see electronic shutters on-chip with flash sync well into the high speeds.

This is a fun time to be into photography. I'm just hoping to see even a few of these dreams within the next year or so. Now that Panasonic and Sony seem to thinking outside the DSLR box maybe we can see some cameras truly designed for digital.


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