5D2 battery issue.

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5D2 battery issue.

one of my 2 5D2 bodies got stuck battery issue , I cannot take it out of the camera and I 've been talking about this one line with Canon tech.

he or she said this is a known issue , is that true ?

how many of you did experience this issue?

this moring , I worke up and tried to charge my 5D2 and then , realized the battery did not come out of the camera and I chatted with Canon guy or girl on line.

this is my first time experiencing this kind of unknown issue.

I think Canon/Nikon quality control becoming worse every day and I am hoping some new company start making serious camera that rivals Canon or Nikon top models.

My Nikon AFS24-70 zoom ring finally stuck also and sent it in for service , my D700 stopped working a week a go and it has been at Nikon SC.

Now, my 5D2 batteyr stuck in it , oh well, I should never have sold my 7D....which had no known issue other than the low ISO bading.

Now, I have only one working camera the Sony NEX5 , hope this one works for a while until I get my big camera back from either Canon or Nikon.

In next week I will have some serious work to do for a on line site and my new publishing mag on local history so I will rent a 5D2 but hope I can get MY own 5d2 back before that.

I will shoot some atomic bomb stuff in Nagasaki in next week(it is about 600 miles a way from my mom's house) , then I will fly to Thailand and Cambodia and shoot some landscapes there , so I am really really sad and need one just one stable camera that works............

I thought the banding was horrible and serious issue and it is but this stuck battery issue is even more serios because I can not even use my own camera.

have a good one.

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