Actual LX5 vs LX3 ISO 1600 comparison. I prefer LX3 result.

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Re: a waste of time.............

Condor wrote:

John Tracy wrote:

...............but obviously fun for a few trying to draw a definitive conclusion from questionable samples . But it seems to me that the orig poster is trying his hardest to convince everyone that the LX5 is inferior to the LX3.


I'm a pretty old dpreview forum's member. Forums which intention has always been to allow real users to discuss everything they want about photography issues or to share their photos with all of us.

I was expecting LX3 successor as hardly as anybody else... or as someone titled his web article with this wish ... "Panasonic Lumix LX5: I Want This Awesome Camera So Badly" ( ), before any serious comparison or review.

And I was even very happy and excited when I read in the first review with a side by side comparison, that the Spanish site "quesabesde" published, that LX5 was better than LX3.

But when I analyzed that comparison, which amazed me more, was not that I personally found LX3 sample more beautiful and sharper than LX5, but the fact that the "expert" reviewer from "quesabesde" seemed to found LX5 "totally" superior to LX3 (included that side by side comparison), when, and at least to me, the best thing that an eventual LX3 successor has to provide to us ... "is a more beautiful photo. Period"... especially under low light conditions at is wider angle"... not a faster start up, or a faster shutter speed, or a longer long-end zoom, or a lighter compression movie software (AVCHD Lite).

That contradiction put all my sense in alert since I didn't wanted to be a victim of some sort of Emperor's New Clothes situation. So the first thing that I did then was to post that comparison in this forum, I expressed my own opinion and I waited for other's opinions to discuss points of view. Was then when another member pointed out ... :

...what the heck happen to the girls lower legs? (LordGriNz)

And then I realized that I wasn't that wrong in finding LX5 sample inferior, and trying to be open minded I even send a comment to "quesabesde" reviewer about this contradiction and I asked for the full size originals to allow all of us to check them. I'm still waiting his response.

Then appeared these production units’ comparisons in CNET Asia and again, the "expert" found everything better in LX5, but when I analyzed the samples, that wasn't that clear to me. I also sent a comment to him/her and asked for the full size files. Still waiting response.

And here we are, still trying to know the true. So, everybody please keeps expressing your opinion , since it allows us to make our minds about this issue, that's why this kind of forums exists for.

I understand your point but until we see more highly controlled samples

than this one it's a bit premature to draw a conclusion. I do see the apparent lower leg discrepancy but I wouldn't go as far as to take this as conclusive of anything .

Lets just not be so quick to discount the LX5 until we see more. There's simply no need to defend the LX3 as the LX5 is going to diminish the LX3 prestige and dollar value regardless of any minor IQ differences between the two.

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