CS5 not displaying nefs or dng's as image preview

Started Aug 1, 2010 | Discussions thread
Buzzzman Veteran Member • Posts: 3,775
Re: CS5 not displaying nefs or dng's as image preview

You can try this....

in bridge got to preferences/cache and purge the cache. This will rebuild the thumbnails, and previews--they may be corrupted. The first time you open a file in Bridge(after purging the cache). it may act slow, as this is when it rebuilds the thumbnails in a prrticular file. There is a purge cache in Bridge camera raw preferences also, but that will reset all of the preferences, but I am not sure if that one resets the thumbnails or not..Something like what you are describing happened to me, a while back,and purging the thumbnails fixed the problem. The nef thumbails icons were viewable, but no preview of them

If that doesn't work , try resetting the preferences at start up of Photoshop.
THat sometimes fixes quirky problems...

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