Problem (?) with 50D and Tamron 10-24

Started Jul 31, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Problem (?) with 50D and Tamron 10-24

Hi all,

I have a 50D since about 3 months or so and bought recently a Tamron 10 - 24mm (basically because it was a very good deal and I can live very well with the shortcommings of that lens).

Everything is fine....

But now I had the 2nd time an error message on the screen of my 50D, saying that the connection between camera and lens is not ok and I shall clean the contacts.

Not a big deal (yet?) - I switched off, took off the lens and re - mounted it. The error was gone.

But I am somewhat alarmed (or kind of paranoid?):
Is it a more general problem between the Canon body and a Tamron lens?
My other lenses are Canon and Sigma and work flawless...

So here is my question:

Is the Tamron known for bad contacts? Shall I clean them or send it in on waranty - or do nothing at all right now?

What is your experience?

Thanks in advance!

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