Pictures from Gotland

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Pictures from Gotland

For those of you who didn't know it already, Gotland is a lovely Swedish island in the Baltic sea. The entire island is built up by limestone, which makes for a very special flora. There's lots to see and the weather is generally better than in mainland Sweden.

I recently spent two weeks there with my wife and it was great as always, although the weather was a bit too "good" for my liking (clear blue skies most of the time – the worst shooting weather I can think of).

I brought a lot of camera gear, including a Nikon D300 with several lenses, an E-P1 with 9-18, 14-42, 45-200 and a Canon G9. However, partly due to the weather conditions, most of the equipment stayed in the hut or the car and never got used. The 9-18 never left my E-P1 and was used for a good half of all shots. Similarly, the Tamron 90 macro lens was almost glued to my D300 and was used for flowers mostly. I also picked up the G9 a few times when I wanted more reach.

Here are some images taken with the E-P1 and mZ 9-18.

1) Lady's Bedstraw (Galium verum) on one of two cloudy days.

2) Bad weather was on its way the very last day. I love those clouds.

3) These freestanding cliffs are called "rauks" on Gotland. Don't know what they're called in English. The big one that reminds me of a camel is one of the most well-known rauks.

4) Same place on another day. I like this one better.

5) Goldmoss Stonecrop on a cliffwall. Who says you can't shoot flowers with a wide angle?

6) More rauks in late evening light.

7) Same rauks taken with the G9 (sorry, but I liked this one).

8) This fisherman took us to a small island.

9) This place has been used by fishermen for a long time. Don't think it's used anymore.

10) There are plenty of windmills on Gotland.

11) Cliffs from "the rauk coast".

Thanks for looking

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