14-140 as a macro lens

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Re: 14-140 as a macro lens

Yes, nice shots, though I'd call them close-ups rather than macro. Macro is more like 1:1 or thereabouts.

If you use the 14-140 at the long end, i.e. 140mm, you'll find you can get a bit more magnification because the minimum focus distance of about 50 cms is the same at all focal lengths, so it pays to use the longest you can to get the largest image on the sensor.

As I wanted to go further than the lens would go, but didn't want to pay out for a real macro lens, I recently bought a Raynox 250 to stick on the end of my 14-140, which then gives it real macro ability for about £38 (GBP)

This is one of the first shots I got. It's a mosquito in my garden pond

Best of luck with it, you'll find a completely new world in close-ups and macro.

Regards, Mike

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