Ultra zoom vs DSLR confusion

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Ultra zoom vs DSLR confusion

First and foremost let me state that I am a student. So I have money constraints at present, but it will not be a problem after 10 months I guess.

I have a knack for photography. When I was still in school I bought my first digicam Canon PowerShot A400 (3.2MP, 2.2x Zoom, No ASM mode) with pocket money savings (for about $180).

Now I have about $400 with me at hand and I want to buy a new camera with manual mode. I have never used manual mode before so I want to learn using that camera.

My main priorities:
1. Manual Mode (PASM)
2. Good IQ atleat upto ISO400.
3. Night photography should be decent enough.
4. If a rotating screen, then it will be good.

5. I don't need flash hotshoe because my philosophy is to shoot with the available light present, but will be no harm if present.
6. I will never shoot video with the camera.

Now, I have the following options:

1. Buy a superzoom (FZ45 or FZ100 or SX20IS) now, use it for atleast 1.5 years and learn the manual stuffs. Then buy a mid range DSLR like 500D after 1.5years, with lenses as required, since hopefully I will get a job by then.

2. Buy an entry level DSLR now (1000D is the only option, as D3000 do not have live view).

Now, if I buy the 1000D now, I will not buy another camera body after 1.5years. Also, the superzoom may be handy when a situation comes for some casual shooting when I will not like to take the DSLR with its lenses (in a future time).

Considering all these, I am inclined towards buying a superzoom now, and a DSLR after 1.5years. But will investing in a superzoom be a right decision? Am I missing something?

Thanks for taking your time in reading the post Waiting for some good replies helping me decide

I may be a new member of this forum, but I follow this forum for many years. So waiting for some good replies

Thanks in advance

Oh I forgot to add, I will not print more than 6x4 for the next 1.5 years.

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