Duracell Ultra Powerpix + HS10?

Started Jul 31, 2010 | Discussions thread
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What it is

JakJenner wrote:

Has anyone tried these batteries in their HS10 and if the battery setting to should be set to alkaline or lithium?

The Ultra Powerpix batteries are Duracell's version of alkaline batteries having a different construction that gives them a slightly different voltage (1.6v vs 1.5v max) with a similar voltage decline as they are used. They are called zinc/nickel oxyhydroxide (Zn/NiOOH) alkaline cells. For more information about them than most reasonable people could ever care to read, see :

This invention relates to an alkaline cell having a nickel oxyhydroxide cathode and a zinc-based anode, and an ionically conductive clay additive to the cathode.


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