Will be upgrading from D200 soon and was wondering......

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Re: Will be upgrading from D200 soon and was wondering......

I use both the D200 and the D300. In good light, I find only one major difference between them. If you ever work with the 51 focus points of the D300, the D200 feels severely limited with it's paltry 11 focus points. In poor light, the D300 walks rings around the D200. I never feel comfortable pushing the D200 past 800 ISO, while I won't hesitate to shoot the D300 at 1600-2500.

My practice is to mount the primary lens on the D300 and the secondary on the D200. For example, if I'm going to shoot soccer, I put the 70-200 VR II on the D300, as most of the action will be at a distance, and use the 17-55 on the D200 for the occasional wider shot. On the other hand, if I were shooting a stage show, with lots of wide shots of the band, with occasional isolated head shots, I reverse the lens/body arrangement.


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