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Can the RD2000 swivel 180 degrees left and right?

On this site it says that the RD2000 can swivel 180 degrees to the left and right, is that true? I have already a SB400 (an excellent compact flash) for my Nikon, but can't use it on my E-P1 If I could use the RD200 for both my Nikon and E-P1 and if it it is true that it swivels also to both sides it would be the perfect compact flash for me.

charles1976 wrote:

hi mike,

Sunpak RD2000 only comes in canon and nikon mount.

meaning it is compatible with canon's e-ttl exposure metering or nikon's i-ttl metering.

if the flash is mounted on panasonic or olympus system... it can still fire, but you have to manually punch in how much power u need.
actually, after a while, you'll get a hang of it and you wont end up too far.

hope it helps

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