Need small bounce flash for 4/3

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Re: Need small bounce flash for 4/3

charles1976 wrote:

hi mike,

Sunpak RD2000 only comes in canon and nikon mount.

meaning it is compatible with canon's e-ttl exposure metering or nikon's i-ttl metering.

if the flash is mounted on panasonic or olympus system... it can still fire, but you have to manually punch in how much power u need.
actually, after a while, you'll get a hang of it and you wont end up too far.

In the old days this was true in that flashes supported a standard manual and auto modes if used on a different mount camera. Unfortunately many of the flashes these days have lost the auto mode, and some have lost the manual mode was well, and can be used only on the camera mount system it was designed for.

From the pictures of the flash at B&H, it looks like the RD2000 is one of those flashes that have lost both auto and manual modes.

Auto mode was the first flash automation where you set the flash to a particular power setting, and the flash had a light sensor that would detect the flash bounceback from the walls behind the subject and would cut off light at that point. You set the camera to the aperture and ISO value indicated by the flash.

In manual mode, the flash puts out a constant amount of power, and you adjust your aperture and ISO to get good pictures (for straight ahead flashes, you divide the flash's guide number for the ISO you are using by the distance to the subject to get the aperture).

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