Poll: LX5, who will get one?

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Re: Poll: LX5, who will get one?

I used to own an LX3 and regret the day I sold it. I now own a 550D and a Sony Cybershot HX5V.

If I was to go back to an LX camera I would buy the LX3 again. The LX5 offers no more, to me, than the LX3 did.

The only drawback I found with the LX3 was the vertical whiteout line in videos when pointed at bright objects - sun reflected in rippling water was a classic and can be seen on many sample vids. Curious as to whether this is still the case in the LX5 since the two cameras share the same sensor type (CCD).

The LX5 just seems to me like a relaunch of the LX3 to continue an already successful revenue stream.

Before posting this I did a buying feature comparison (from this site) and noticed a distinct lack of differences between the LX5 and LX3.

Change of codec and longer lens. Codec I can live with and the focal length I doubt many LX3 owners would be interested in anyways.

Incidentally I love my HX5. Its put a lot of fun back into photography for me. I wouldn't say the image quality is brilliant but then theres always photoshop and its more for web use anyway.

My tuppence for what its worth.



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