A possible generational perspective on things

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A possible generational perspective on things

Lately (and I am as guilty as any others) there has been a lot of the usual arguments concerning an upgrade path with Sony.

On one side we have the wait and see crowd along with the Sony is great folks

On the other side is the, where is my upgrade crowd, Sony is only catering to the entry level group.

Those of us who go back 30+ years can remember when advances in photo equipment itself was slow and rare. We used CDS match needle metering. Sometimes we had a breakthrough and the camera could meter while wide open. Then several years later we got some slightly more advanced metering or a dedicated flash that would set the shutter speed for us. (my first SLR was a Chinon manufactured GAF L-17 with m42 mount and stop down metering, I kinda miss that camera. LOL).

The big advances in photography came from Kodak, Fuji and Ilford. We got new film every year or few months that promised less grain and higher sensitivity. Overnight we could see an improvement in our images using the same camera and lenses.

Today with our D-SLR the only way to realize a true improvement in image quality is when there is an improvement in sensor and processor technology (especially if you shoot jpg) Many of us see Canikon putting those advances into the marketplace and providing both better image quality at high ISO and in dynamic range. There have been hardware improvements in metering and auto-focus. Today technology in hardware and firmware is advancing at a pace that outperforms the pace of film improvement 25-30 years ago.

This is just another reason along with the other issues we have discussed that have some of us frustrated.

In god we trust, all others are suspects

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