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Re: Improving the strap.

Russell Evans wrote:

I have an Induro tripod which seems pretty close to Benro from what I've seen. I found the leg strap portion of the shoulder strap to be a bit problematic to work with. I bought a plastic buckle/clip and just using the webbing of the leg strap, cut the strap to leave enough to mount the female clip to on one side. I then took the male part of the clip and the longer piece of the wedding to a shoe repair kiosk in the mall and had them sew the clip to the webbing. Now I simply clip the webbing around the legs and go.

The other thing I found really helpful to do is to clip a small neoprene bag to the strap mount on the tripod. When the tripod is in use and the bottom of the strap is loose, I just stuff the strap into the bag. This moves the strap out of the way and still leaves it attached to the tripod. I bought an Optech Snoot Boot for this as it would fit over the ball head when I'm not using it for the strap. It is still attached to the tripod clip so I'm not worried about losing it. I figure a little protection for the head is worth while. I can always use the pouch to hold weight under the tripod as well, when I can just attach my camera bag. It probably would hold a few pounds of rocks or sand.

The Induro comes with a little tool bag with the spikes in it. I also clip this to the tripod strap mount and then use the Velcro on it to wrap it to a leg. One last tip I learned here is to wrap a small mini roll of 1" gaffers tape to one of the legs. This means you always has some for use.

Thank you

Love the gaffer tape tip Russell. I keep a couple pieces of gaffer tape on my camera body. Prevents scratches and comes in handy now and then.

The bag trick is a good idea too. Especially if you're someplace muddy. The less equipment you have to clean mud off of the better.

My Benro tripod came with a tool kit. But no bag. There's a pocket in the tripod case (snug and padded) for tools and whatnot. I like you're strap modification. Very handy.

Peace - Roger Hayslip

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