Actual LX5 vs LX3 ISO 1600 comparison. I prefer LX3 result.

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Re: Both pic's are from LX3............

John Tracy wrote:

.......according to my exif viewer (Opanda) but if the one on the right is indeed from the LX5 it does show less noise ( quite obvious) and yes , it's at the expense of NR and probably default settings , but if the camera has the capability to lower NR then all the better. Regardless , we do have RAW .

About this eventual RAW “salvage” solution for the LX5, as far as I know, and making it really really simple for my own personal limited understanding, it is suppose to be just a file compression method, or at least the name we use for it.

So we have TIFF which would be the whole file information, original pixel by pixel individual information, and some cameras use the LZW compression algorithm for lossless storage in TIFF convention (heavy files).

Then we have RAW which is a generic name that different photography branches uses to refer to their different compressing methods (such as ISO 12234-2, TIFF/EP,DNG, etc) for obtaining more lighter file size than a "TIFF" file but losing no or almost no data from the original picture.

And then we have JPEG as we use to call it since in fact JPEG means "Joint Photographic Experts Group" and the format file that use that convention is JFIF for "JPEG File Interchange Format", which is a more lighter file size from an already RAW processed file to obtain a readable bitmap, and during this process some original information is lost and also they suffer generational degradation when repeatedly edited and saved (Wikipedia).

Ok. But would Panasonic's RAW file of the original ISO 1600 (pre-production) LX5 boat image we are analyzing in this thread make the woman's left leg appear or is that more and original and unfixable LX5 problem (read sensor, lenses, etc) problem?

Thanks in advance to anybody who could explain this to us.

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