several 35mm lens options for m4/3

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Some sample test photos with the fun lens

well, i heard some people say you can adjust for tilt shift in photoshop or adjust for bokeh of large aperture lenses in photoshop as well. no comment on that...

but i think having the ability to have some fun with a thin DOF is a huge plus with the SLR Magic

I noticed one thing though. The SLR Magic has kind of a built in defocus control effect. When the focus is in the center everything else is kind of in defocus. when the edge of the image is focused the rest of the image becomes defocused. at first we all thought it had poor performance at the edge but later on we found out the edges can be as sharp as the leica m lens but just with defocus control with it. some call it poor performance and others call it special effect. depends on how you like to call the "Magic" It is nice to be able to take the photos at a small sharp aperture and have the rest of the background thrown into defocus. In a way it is also like a lens baby composer but just that you do not have to deal with the bulk and at tilting (and at half the price too!)

Photo at f5.6 with the SLR Magic Lens

SLR Magic lens focused onto the center with defocus on the sides

Leica M summicron focused onto the center not showing any DOF

SLR Magic lens focused onto the left edge with defocus to the right half of the image

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