Actual LX5 vs LX3 ISO 1600 comparison. I prefer LX3 result.

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Re: EXTRA :New LX5 vs LX3 real life comparisons

Condor wrote:

Close objects (macro mode) look better in LX5 samples. As in the last samples of the tea cup. Center flower detail looks more clear in LX5 sample.

I've already realized why. Below are the "blurry" LX3 macro mode sample and the more "detailed" tea-cup-center-flower of LX5 sample.

By the way, the "expert's" opinion was: Quote "Finally, in macro mode, we found the LX5 focused a lot faster than the LX3, and also captured more closeup details as can be seen in the flower pattern on the Japanese tea cup in the bottom picture.

Look up at the details (imperfections) in the tea cup in the right of the photo, that white "U smile" mark and those white little points. Those imperfections-details are totally clear in LX3 macro sample and they are almost no there in LX5 macro sample. It means that at least LX3 was focusing on those details and not in the center of the tea cup, while LX5 was probablly totally focused on the tea-cup-center-flower. At the same time it si more curious that the white point-imperfection in the blue spot in the very up-right-corner of the samples looks more clear in LX5 sample than in LX3, where it is more blurry. Could that be because of different focus point selection of the two cameras? Or because something else? mmmm

To me, in this tea cup macro mode samples case, the "expert" is not showing a very fear comparison. mmmmmm ....... I wonder if there are other focusing "accidents" in the other samples?

Taking into account the small size of this samples, I would recomend to increase the zoom level of this window (your monitor) to 200% jus for reviewing purposes. The option is in the rigth-bottom-corner, where it should appear 100% if you are using normal zoom level.

LX3 macro mode sample:

LX5 macro mode sample:

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