Amazing lens: Samyang 14mm

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Re: Amazing lens: Samyang 14mm

Yes, terrific lens. Not without some limitations, though. First, no AF. Not a biggie with wide angle, but there it is. Second, no automatic exposure. Aperture ring must be adjusted manually, and then matched on the camera body settings.

The absence of these two functions can understandably reduce the cost, thus allowing the expense of manufacturing to "focus" on the quality of the glass.

By the way, if you like this lens, you may also like the 85mm 1.4. Simply beautiful, and under $400. The catch? Again, no AF and no AE.

If you can live with these limitations, then you can get some wonderful glass at a very good price.

ps. These lenses are sold under various brand names, including Bower, Vivitar, Rokinon, and perhaps others.

Humphrey Nash wrote:

Saw this at Photozone. Link below.

Astounding resolution on a wide lens ... or any lens for that matter. Great at all apertures even to the edges.

How is this possible? I have never seen any lens close to this resolution. Is this some new technology?


As Photozone says, look at the pictures if you don't believe the measured results

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