Good B&W in Canon 9000 Mark II?

Started Jul 25, 2010 | Discussions thread
David Metcalfe Regular Member • Posts: 333
Re: Good B&W in Canon 9000 Mark II?

Admittedly, I print 90% color, but for the remaining B&W shots, I have been completely happy with the 9000. I have a number of prints that I like enough to hang on the wall. I find that the grayscale option, if you don't mind a wait, produces entirely acceptable results.

That said, I suspect if I was printing 90% B&W, I would have gone with the 9500.


Red John wrote:

I want to ask if Canon 9000 Mark II printer offers some good images in black and white without dominant colors.

When this printer does not have a cartridge of grey I doubt the neutrality of the whites and blacks.

Kind regards.

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