Epson (r1800) printer settings questions

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Re: Epson (r1800) printer settings questions

Cubic77 wrote:


My setup:
Printer: Epson R1800
Photoshop CS5
Using Epson Premium Semigloss Photo Paper


  • In the Print dialog box, should I select PRINTER MANAGES COLORS or PHOTOSHOP MANAGES COLORS?

Photoshop manages colours.

But note in the printer driver (advanced tab) you need to select under colour management "ICM" then "OFF".

If you're going to this trouble (colour management) then also check out the soft-proof and gamut warning in photoshop - and adjust the image as required. I suggest to use the "simulate - paper white" in soft-proofing for closest match.

  • Should I select Best Photo or Photo RPM

Photo RPM - there is a slight difference between best photo and photo RPM. See below.

  • Under my printer profiles, i assume if i select Photo RPM, I should select profile "SPR1800 PrmSemgls PhotoRPM.icc" ? Is this the latest icc for for Premium Semigloss paper?

I don't know if that's the latest, but it's very important to choose the profile made for the right paper and printer setting. This seems by description to be the right paper, right setting (photoRPM), so it seems to be the correct profile.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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