What Lens do you use for your action photo's?

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A used 70-200 or 80-200

chester0711 wrote:

Recently I have been photographing my (just over) 1 year old in various settings. There was no issue until she became quite mobile. I took her to the park and wanted to get some nice shots of her waddling around and messing about.

I brought along my 18-200 VR, and while it did the trick, I started wondering if there was a better lens available for this type of shooting. Obviously she does not move like a cheetah

Actually, photographically speaking, she is probably a lot harder to shoot then a cheetah moving at breakneck speed ... Cheetas run fast, but they run mostly straight ahead at fairly constant speed and you rarely get very close to them. While a child is the definition of irregular and unpredictable (at times, also to themselves) movements and you tend to take photos at fairly short distances. When shooting moving targets, it is actually harder the closer the subject is. Without getting into a longwinded explanation of how the focusing of lenses operates, just take my word for it ... Distance is a great help.

But, distance on the other hand is the great enemy when you want isolation of your subject ... To compensate for that you want big apertures.

So, the obvious choice is of course the 400/2.8

Now, there has been (unconfirmed) reports of some users finding that lens a tad heavy and a tad expensive ...

There are some things regarding the 18-200 that bother me (sometimes it just seems a little big, not a lot),

Oh, definately no 400/2.8 then ...

My recommendation would be a used 80-200 (preferrably two ring AF version or AF-S version for focusing speed) or a used 70-200/2.8. These are great lenses for capturing action up close. They are not cheap (even used) and they are bigger and heavier then your 18-200 ... But they really, really do a good job.

If you feel such a lens is expensive ... Your child is only young once, and if you buy the lens used, you can sell it again in a few years without losing to much.

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