MotoGP images with 1D MkIV and cheap lenses

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MotoGP images with 1D MkIV and cheap lenses

I shot a tad over 3000 frames with the 1D Mk IV at the 2010 MotorGP held at Laguna Seca last weekend. I wanted to see if this highly regarded camera was any good in AI Servo mode panning fast motorcycles with cheap lenses. I'm still reviewing and throwing files in the trash, but I found a couple of keepers in there.

Bottom line: it's either me only doing this for 10 years, or one needs expensive lenses to get the $5000 worth of picture quality out of this camera. Where's that return label?

I'm sort of stuck in the past. I know this kind of tight framing when panning isn't popular anymore. Seems people like the shots where the bikes are fly size and there is more track in the image nowadays. A monkey with an iPhone could do that. I like a bit more of a challenge. Although I may not be any smarter than a monkey.

These three are from Raw files converted in DPP, then re-sized and messed with in CS3.

Overcast: The camera focused better in overcast weather. Might have had something to do with the heavy reflections on the side panels when the sun was out. Or the bikes I shot while it was cloudy were going slower.

Out of camera Jpeg. +1 sharpness, and +1 saturation, highest quality. I don't care for the saturated look personally. There's a lot of detail dropped even at the highest quality in-camera jpeg compression level. However, the files are 1/3rd the size, and one can shoot with slow CF cards at 10FPS, no hiccups.

A couple of heavy crops from the ever reliable 1Ds MkII.
Where did you get those shoes?

Wig maybe?

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