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the Perfect camera

Well, i was just reading a few posts in the canon forum and the future EVIL (or smaller DSLR) form. some ideas were interesting and made me realize what our needs is not that different

Body size:

  • apparently people appreciate a professional looking camera, which means the medium size (as in panasonic G series). while they think the smaller size means less capable camera. so don't push the size down, it's really good what they accomplished now.

  • what they actually want to see smaller and ligher is the LENS. personally i find it weird that super zoom cameras can have a smaller lens that can same focal length the same as an interchangable zoom lens with half the size ... weird ha?

  • the mirror and pentaprism are not what we want. we just want to see a CLEAR un-interrupted view of what we shoot. that's the goal, whatever is their way to accomplish this.

Sensor size and focus:

  • the bigger the better (coz they taught us it affects other details), but for image size 14 or 18mp is enough, they should focus on ISO. higher ISO makes everybody happy.

  • instant AF even in live view, and continuous AF during video as well

  • in body stabilization

as for lenses .. well it's sad
the size, the weight, the money spent to buy different lenses ..

i really hope someday the P&S lenses theory (1 to do it all) would be feasible as a kit lens.

let's say a nice aperture f/1.2 maybe, starting from 14-20mm with a long and "soft" zooming (which is great for videos), silent and instant focus.
so this dream lens would cover 95% of ur shooting scenarios

so what about u, what do u think?

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