$800 to spend what lens?

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Re: $800 to spend what lens?

actually i do feel limited by the amount of detail i get with portraits. I never really have tired the 17-55 f2.8 for a up close portrait to see the detail i get but i feel that it's to short to get up close so i have always used it for group portraits. It is my walk around lens for indoor/outdoor the f2.8 does great indoors.

The 70-300 does ok i love that it goes to 300mm but i have been thinking about trading it for a 70-200 F4 non IS or F2.8 non IS.

I'm wondering what lens would give the most detail for a up close portrait the 70-200 F4 or 2.8 vs a Canon 60mm or the 85mm 1.8?

I'm thinking that 17mm is wide as i need for now, i don't think i would use it enough to justify the cost of a 10-22.

BTW what's the chance of a updated 70-200mm f2.8 non is?

RomanB wrote:

David6566 wrote:

I have a 40D, 17-55 f2.8,70-300mm IS and a canon 50mm 1.8.
I do like to shoot landscapes and portraits.

Do you feel you miss UW for landscapes? Get 10-22.
Which lens do you use most for portraits? Do you feel limited by it in some way?

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