several 35mm lens options for m4/3

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Re: several 35mm lens options for m4/3

opps sorry i just noticed i made a mistake in the labeling. the leica m summicron lens is a f2 and not f1.7...sorry guys for the confusion. the next up would be the summilux f1.4 lens and not a f1.7

well, about the focal plane. the point in focus is the basketball hoop so it makes sense for the basketball hoop/frame/rack to be in focus but the buildings should not be in focus with the hoop! the building is miles away and if the building comes in focus the hoop should be blurred. i agree the SLR Magic lens is a bit soft in the corners but its beautiful when used for portraits. on the other hand, i find the summicron a bit too sharp for portrait photography at times. i love the contax though! the contax g lenses are a deal right now and is so much easier to focus with the new adapter from SLR Magic. I get to manual focus with the contax g lens like its an actual lens! Its weird why they do not carry that item anymore...

i actually do not criticize lens on defects. i buy many lenses for their defects if that is how we like to call it. i think of it more as a signature of the lens and we should think of how to put it in gd use. eg the angenieux lenses are very soft like the slr magic lens unless stopped down. i will post some of those comparison shots if the photos are useful.

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