Taking Photos In Public Places Is Not A Crime

Started Jul 20, 2010 | Discussions thread
ZappB Regular Member • Posts: 132
Re: Interesting view, Rennie

The law as it stands now makes it a crime to resist a police officer EVEN if the police officer is 100% in the wrong and is violating your rights. That is just how the laws are, and rightly so, as every criminal in world thinks he is wrongly accused would fight back if he thought he might get away with it in court. You must submit to the officer, and wait for your opportunity to press charges/sue/file a complaint...etc after the fact.*

The solution is not to pass a law making it OK for you to fight a cop in the streets every time you feel wronged. The solution is the repealing of unjust laws by the states and enhanced training and education programs for police officers.

The submitting part only applies to the arrest. You never have to speak to the police or give them information outside of a courtroom. You never have to surrender your property unless they have a court order or are placing you under arrest. You never ever ever ever have to delete images or let an officer delete your images. Even if taking the image was a crime (to actually be used for terrorism for example), deleting the image would constitute evidence tampering.

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