Beware of lasers!!!

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Thanks genius....

for your pearls of wisdom......but you cant even spell my name correctly its no suprise you havent given me a valid reason for my image sensor needing replacement or why qualified camera repair technicians stated it WAS a laser that damaged my camera..... but that is exactly the response I was expecting from you.

Greg Gebhardt wrote:

I was not avoiding answering your "golden" question. Dead and stuck pixels come and go, no mystery here. Heck I had a stuck pixel on a camera straight from the factory. HOW DARE them shoot a laser at it before they sent it to me. I had a friend who with no explanation turned his camera on to all of a sudden find over 300 stuck pixels and no, he had no been at the local night club!

Thats it....thats all you got....dead pixels come and go hahahahahahahaha


Thanks.....I will be sure to let the Sony technicians who repaired my camera know that they were wrong because Greg Gebhardt knows exactly the reason why my camera spontaneously developed 50+ dead pixels overnight...they just appeared for no apparent reason.....brilliant!!!!!

Of course dead pixels are present in cameras that havent been pointed at D700 has a few that show up at high ISO...just like every other DSLR I have ever owned....but how exactly does that "prove" that lasers cant damage an image sensor....your logic is flawed.

You refuse to use common sense and realize that people take pictures all the time with these party lasers being used and there are few if any other threads telling us about your personal horror!

Except in this thread and the links to other 5Ds with the same problem.

Just think about it and use some reasoning and if you still can't "see" . . . well it is not worth trying to convince you. I am not the only one in this thread that doubts your deductive powers!

No need to convince me...or the other users who have had similar experiences. Be my guest.... point lasers at your sensor by all means.

Hope you dont mind but personally, I will listen to what the Sony camera techs told me rather than your "theories" or "guesses".

You are in the minority here! LOL! Just think about that for a minute or so.

If it means being in the majority with you then I count myself lucky.

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Greg Gebhardt in
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