New D90 shots that I'm proud of

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Re: New D90 shots that I'm proud of

First off to the OP, nice photos and thanks for posting.

I switched to Nikon a couple of years ago and starting putting together a kit. Due to some very attractive rebates from Microsoft at the time (believe it was 30%), I have both the 16-85/VR and the 18-200/VR (Type 1).

Initially, I used the 18-200/VR the most due to the range. But, the more I began using the 16-85 and seeing the results it was capable of, the less inclined I became to use the 18-200. I am now contemplating selling the 18-200 but no thought of parting with the 16-85 at all. The 16-85 has become my general purpose lens and is on my camera all the time unless I need more reach or a fast prime.

It is not inexpensive compared to some other options but I cannot think of another wide to mid telezoom that can outperform it. Mine is very sharp wide open and becomes razor sharp after 1-2 stops. Excellent color rendition. The 16-85 is a gem.

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