FZ100: An Objective View on Image Quality Please

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Rod Baakkonen
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Re: Michael....Rod...and the other GH1/G1 users...

Rod and the others FZ30 to GH1 G1 movers:
One question: Whats about the zoom-range of the FZ30...did you ever missed it.


I have been able to crop the pictures on the computer due to the improved image clarity. The resulting picture has a reach beyond the 420 that I had on the FZ30. Some of the low light images have needed a cleanup of noise using Denoise 4 when I get to ISO 1600 and 3200. Below 1600, the images are pretty clean if you are not into pixel peeping.

The larger sensor and the combination of the auto focus/manual focus on the GH1 give me sharpeness using the 14-140 lens. If I have the time to check what I am trying to capture by using the manual focus, I usually end up with a sharp image. Sometimes the autofocus is confused about what the subject is when you are at the long end of the 14-140. So doing the initial autofocus and then touching the manual ring to double check the subject has been a winner.

I haven't been as fortunate in using the 45-200. I think I need to get the monopod that I used with the Fz30 on the GH1 when I use the 45-200. I have been watching all the various discussions on the 45-200 on the micro 4/3rds forum. But the jury is still out for me. It may be my fault in not using the monpod on at the long end of the 45-200. It took me a while to realize that having the monpod made my Fz30 pictures a lot sharper. The same may be true for the 45-200. But lately, I have not even had the 45-200 on the camera. I'm not into changing lenses. The cheapness of the 45-200 made it a cost experiment that I was willing to make. It is pretty small in comparison to other lenses of that reach. And it does do some things well. But so far, the 14-140 is the lens I keep on the camera almost 100% of the time.

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