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Re: Street photography

A DSLR can be very imposing on the street especially when no one else on the street or in the immediate area is photographing. In Times Square or Wall Street or in the park areas of New York City there are many people with cameras and so a DSLR is normal and not imposing since many there in these areas are using all types of cameras.

I myself have been using the Canon PowerShot A650, which of course is limited with slow shutter speed and image quality up against a DSLR, but the A650 is not an imposing camera. I have missed a small number of good daylight shots with the A650 because of slow speed and image quality. Low light shots are a 50 – 50 deal with the A650 and sometimes impossible. With the A650 I got some good low light shots but have lost an equal number of good ones because the camera couldn’t handle it.

With all of the new cameras ready to be released I am in the market for a new one - and my choice will be the Canon G12, if and when it is released, or the Canon Rebel T1i. But, all the camera companies are ready to release their new cameras and so I will wait and see what becomes available across the board. I like a camera that is pocket size but I also like a camera that is fast.

Peter Vit wrote:


I often feel that my SLR camera is not helpful when trying to take street pictures, especialy in "unfriendly environment".

I am looking for a compact camera with wide angle lense, good performance in low light and accurate focus. I am also not ready to spend at this stage a lot of money.
Any suggestion up to 400 - 500 U$?

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