Fellow photo enthusiasts in Estonia and Netherlands?

Started Jul 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
Mr Roygbiv rainbow Senior Member • Posts: 1,891
Re: Fellow photo enthusiasts in Estonia and Netherlands?

Hello byphotos , Can only advise about jewel in the crown of Netherlands which is Amsterdam , Camera Candy County for sharp shooting Cowboys . Seriousley now , you will love it , the canals and the little bridges , great archetecture as well , but above all the night photography potencial is stunning in the" Windows" red light district . Would not advise you to shoot alone in that area though . There are legal Prostitutes posing in shop fronts and on the pavements of this area and they may take exception to being snapped . Be carefull or be candid. Lighting, colours and reflections are stunning. Night or day you are going to burn a lot of cards there, make sure you got plenty GB. Have a great time !

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