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I think that the reason you're getting a relatively low response rate in regards to your suggestions is due to the fact that as it currently stands, the modules are all in a lens + sensor and board combination. The cost of the sensor and board is roughly at the minimum, 1/2 the price of the sticker price of the module. Now, if one was to pay out the nose for these modules, it makes much more sense to have an excellent and versatile lens paired with a robust sensor and board (in the case that was discussed on the other thread, APS-C sized sensors). Much more interest would be there for mediocre lenses or novelty/niche lenses if Ricoh was to one day bring out a lens mount + sensor and board module.

Keep in mind that these modules are much more than just a sensor paired with a lens, one also needs to keep in mind of the processor, memory, the actual board, etc. that makes up the modules. It literally is essentially one unique camera per module with the only thing missing being the display and controls. So asking about the mirror tele lens, the question is better posed not as a question about just the lens but the question really becomes "Is there any interest in a digital camera with a APS-C sized sensor with a fixed focal length telephoto mirror lens at 300mm and f5.6 wide open?" If the answer to that question is largely a big "no" then it's a definitive "no" as a GXR module.

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