Advice for beach portrait lighting

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Advice for beach portrait lighting

I am shooting a couple of families at the beach in about a week from now.

I'll have subjects at the beach about 90 mins before sunset to catch the golden hour.

I am using a 40D and a 20D with three lenses. 24-105, 10-22, and the 85 1.8. I also have a nifty fifty, but the af has not been reliable enough for me to be very comfortable using this lens.

I think I won't need to go below 24mm for even the largest group, so the 10-22 probably won't be used.

1) Would you suggest flash or reflectors for fill ? For backlit and side lit shots.

2) Modifier to soften the flash?

I have 580 EXII and 580 Ex and 6-8 ft light weight stands with Pocket wizards, and ext battery packs for the 580's. (Also a Stroboframe bracket).

I have medium (36" ?) and large (60") collapsible reflectors I can bring. Also, a homemade art foam bouncer that attaches directly to the flash units, about 8" square, but I don't see that this will make the light source significantly larger.

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I'm working solo, so I don't want to have a lot to lug around if we move around the beach. One of the Moms (will not be in the pictures) is a friend, so she could help, but I'd rather a solo setup.

3) Which lens on which camera? Leaning towards the 24-105 on the 40D, for higher res group shots, and the 85 on the 20D for head / head & shoulders shots. Then either can be printed large without fear.


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