Black Rapid double strap - worth it?

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"Leash" for sling straps...

I've had a bunch of people pm/email me looking for how I do the so called sling-strap "leash" (aka backup or redundancy) thing with my Black Rapid strap(s) -- actually, I don't use their straps, I made my own, but I do love and use their hardware.

Anyway, here's a cell phone pic that should make it clear how it works. You just girth hitch the two pieces of the shortest opt-tech loop connectors (less than $5) to the camera's lug and to the BR swivel hardware. Yes, it's a tiny bit more cumbersome and bulky, but honestly barely at all noticeable, and it gives you 100% piece of mind, there is simply no way my camera can drop unless the strap itself fails -- and you retain 100% of the killer functionality of a sling strap (instant access to camera and shots).

There's also a couple of other benefits for those who might be interested. For starters, this method makes it way safer to use something like a Manfrotto quick release plate instead of the BR hardware into the tripod socket. Those plates weren't meant for this kind of thing, but when backed up, I have the utmost confidence in not decking my camera, but I get the benefit of being able to slap my camera on/off a monopod or tripod with ease WHILE still having a safety connection to the monopod (even if I drop the monopod, my camera won't deck, heh). And lastly, when the camera's not on the strap at all, I actually kind of like the one half of the opt-tech loop on the camera, it makes it easy to grab it and use it when handling the camera off-strap. (And for those who didn't make the connection, if you already have a Manfrotto QR plate, you can make one of these straps for basically the price of the BR swivel, the opt-tech loop, and $2 worth of webbing a $1 tri-glide.)

So, there's my handy little tip for making/using a sling "leash."

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