What printer fits MY needs?

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Re: Maybe there IS hope!

Finn, whether you buy the Canon or Epson brand you will be fine, I want to suggest that you buy a dye-ink model to minimize clogs during days or weeks of non use. In fact, I suggest that you print at least one 4x6 every 7-10 days-to keeps its 'throat' clear.

In addition, start to gather info on refilling the printer ink cartridges and selecting a safe quality ink. There is much info and guidance on this topic here and on the Inkjet Printer Forum: http://www.nifty-stuff.com/forum/index.php

Refilling your carts will cost $.24-50 just for the ink--somewhat cheaper than $10-17 per new cart! Your OEM carts are durable, with care they will last a long time with many low cost refills.

For a quality print paper (4x6 or 8 1/2x11) get the Costco Kirkland Pro Glossy Inkjet paper: 300 shts $13, 8x11 150 shts $17 This is perfect for your family pix and more.

good luck irv weiner

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