What the ZS3 can do in *low* light

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Re: Question for Trensamiro Re: What the ZS3 can do in *low* light

Trensamiro wrote:

... Perfect , I understand now and your kind explanations just perfectly settle it.

Sorry to have alarmed you in any way, it's perfectly clear to me now that everything's ok and I simply (hugely) misread you, so please accept my apologies .

Of course I do!

I think text communication leaves out any emotion,or motive,and we only have the words,to base out feeling on.

I think Erik was right,in that the term I used "Simply not true" was way too strong...so my opologies,for the 'tone' in my words.

Have a nice and photographically productive weekend.

You too!

P.S.: I followed my own advice yesterday and took the opportunity to go out and produce some fine pics which I'll upload shortly as a new "ZS3 does" series release.

Looking forward to seeing them,and what you can do with this gem of a camera (ZS3)

I surely hope you'll do likewise, too, always a thrill to see your production.

Same to you!


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