Color Space - sRGB or Adobe RGB

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You got a lot of nice answers here, some of them very sofisticated and I think too complex when consider your OP question.

Anyway, I thing the first one from Mithandir is the best you can get!!!

Until you are an expert who exactly knows how the color profiling works and who has also a calibrated monitor capable to corectly display AdobeRGB color space, then avoid aRGB! Keep using sRGB .


  • Becasue sRGB is a standard set by default in almost any camera, monitor, printer, etc... etc.... (you do not need to re-set anything, you do not need to learn so much)

  • Becasue vast majority of users are not able to display anything else but sRGB on their monitors (you can post pictures or send them to the friends without any additional conversions)

  • Becasue if you do not have appropriate monitor, your PP will be incorrect regarding the colors

So, really, if you have to ask then keep sRGB That was a very good advise from Mithandir.

And if you want a wider color gamut and you want to change your workflow to AdobeRGB, then consider at least an expensive monitor having aRGB gamut and - at the first! - learn something about it from some good books. Do not relay on a few advises from different users here on forum. Working in AdobeRGB is not so easy how it can look, it is not a simple switch on your camera - it is a complex way of entire workflow.

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