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Re: Another convert from Sony...

Jens_G wrote:

David Hull wrote:

I know this isn't Apples to Oranges

Completely useless post.

Judging the entire Sony range according to the A200, which was what, the third DSLR Sony ever released?

The A900 was a good first attempt by Sony at FF, I can't wait to see what they'll deliver with their second attempt.

They might just nail it.

What they need to nail is the system not any one body. They need competitively priced lenses, that have comprable performance and these things need to be widely available both for purchace and for rent. In the case of Canon this is definitely true where I live. For Nikon it is also true (to a somewhat lesser extent). For Sony, I am not even sure I could buy a A900 today if I wanted one, let alone rent one if I wanted to give it a test drive.

Sony has a long way to go, to catch up if they want to be a real player in the pro/semi-pro arena.

5DIII vs A950 vs D700s will be very close.

It is anyone's guess how these three nonexistant cameras will compare. It only makes sense to compare what does exist IMO.

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