Iphone 4 camera mini review and some photos

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Iphone 4 camera mini review and some photos

I picked up Iphone 4 on June 24th and flew to India the next day for a three week vacation. I got a chance to try Iphone camera while in India and I was really impressed with what I saw on the iphone screen. Now that I am back, I looked at the photos on a 27 inch Imac screen I am even more impressed. I also printed two of the photos in 8*10 size and I am a believer.

Here are some pictures for those who are interested:

I printed above photos in 8*10 size and they are overly impressive. I have only resized the photos to 1200 for web use, no PP applied to these.

Impressions(not a scientific review by any chance):

AF is really fast. You can also double click and manually pick an area for AF purpose.

There are no controls for shutter speed, Aperture etc. Because of the tiny sensor it does not make any sense to use Aperture priority, but shutter priority would have been useful. There is no control over ISO either. For flash,, there are options for Auto, On and Off. No parameters to control image parameters either.

Lens focuses closely and is useful for semi macro shots. Example below:

Lens is really sharp and it is evident on some close portraits I took.

I believe the focal length is about 32mm, so it is not a good portrait camera. For group shots it is great.

Camera focuses really good in dim light too, so night shots are no issue. ISO performance is pretty good for a tiny sensor like that. The shot below was done in dim lighting and ISO in Exif shows 500. There is not much noise here, but it a bit soft compared to base ISO shots. But, hey, this is a phone and not a camera, so I do not want to be too critical.

Overall I am extremely happy to have a tiny pocket camera that can work as a phone, internet device, Ipod etc etc.. It is quite amazing that a tiny phone is capable of producing good quality photos at 5 mega pixel.

Here are some that are processed in Photoshop

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