Eye one display 2 or Spyder 3 elite - which is best calibrator?

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Lots of info on probes for wide gamut monitors including data:

OK I tweaked the built-in factory pre-set sRGB mode and told it to use gamma 2.2 instead of sRGB (for TV/movies) and used the i1Pro + SV II + MultiProfiler to give a very slight tweak to the primaries and then a bigger tweak the white point a few weeks ago (things may have drifted a touch since then/used different compensation/measured different screen spot/used different brightness setting but the i1pro still measures reasonable the same thing even using an external program instead of SV II).

OK so now I used calman to survey what the probes currently thought of how I had this mode set. Calman uses no wide gamut compensation for any probes. What it gives it what the probes will give in any program that won't apply special compensation to them.

First the gray scale comparisons:
DTP94b (new production run)

calibrated NEC i1D2

i1Pro (and the i1D2 using NEC SV II would give similar results to what the i1Pro gets, not posted here since it's a pain to write down all the numbers and make my own graph)

so the calibrated i1D2 from NEC using NEC software with special compensation for NEC wide gamut monitors and the spectrophotometer i1Pro give similar results but the two colorimeters used with no compensation gives very different thoughts on the white point. They do not report it correctly when using regular software. And neither reads it the wrong way the same way.

Next the gamut comparisons:

calibrated NEC i1D2


once again the i1pro and NEC i1D2 in SV II read the gamut as still being pretty close to the standard it had been set to while the two colorimeters without compensation get the gamut wrong and each in different ways.

So on wide gamuts basically you can:

use a spyder3 and hope you get one with good calibration and that matches you particular monitor reasonably well around $150-$190, you can order calibration for $100-$200 extra; you can also use it with third party sofware such as ColorEyesDisplayPro

get a NEC or Eizo and use their custom calibrated i1D2 plus software with custom compensation $280 for the NEC kit

(with the NEC only their kits let you program the monitors internally and not lose shades; with Eizo CEDP, at the least, also allows this)

get an Eizo or a Quatto and same as above only with DTP94b

use the low end spectrophotometer ColorMunki at $450 (perhaps $375 at Buy.com???)

use a low end, but pro, spectrophotometer i1pro at $800

(or with serious $$$$ haha:

use a high-end CIE observer colorimeter from a small Germany company price unknown but likely not cheap considering they don't bother to list it and it is a very specialized, very non-consumer oriented company

use the high-end pseudo-colorimeter xrite hubble at $4000

use a high-end scientific spectrophotometer $10,000-$40,000

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