DPP Raw Render is really slow on a "modest" computer

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DPP Raw Render is really slow on a "modest" computer

I've been scratching my head for a bit switching from a 5D to 7D to 5DII and playing with JPG vs RAW and was confused over what I was seeing.

Well it turns out that DPP does TWO passes of "rendering" when it displays a raw image.

I thought it was done rendering the 7D when I was comparing 5D raw to 7D raw.

Then I was noticing JPG's were plenty sharp even at 100% crop on the 7D.

Well it turns out I was not waiting long enough for DPP to render the 7D raw image.

I didn't time it, but it was VERY long. Even after it removed the text at the bottom saying it was "Generating High Resolution image..." it still took a few seconds after that to show.

So I'm just warning any newbies to not make the same mistake I did and judge the raw quality too quickly in DPP on modest computer.

The computer is a few years old 2.9Ghz dual core with 3gb Mem and Win 7 32bit and a blazing fast graphics card. 7200 RPM sata drives.

My computer at work is 6 Core, 10KRPM, 3.3Ghz, 6gB Mem, Win 7, 64bit. And it displays RAW image in like a 1-2 seconds.

Both are 24" 1900x1200 Monitors.

However when I compare ACTUAL real photos, after converting to JPG, both 5D and 5DII look better than 7D (IMHO). So I have some more digging todo. Why real shots are not so sharp. Might be a focusing issue on 7D or something.

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