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Re: GF1 & 5DmkII users

maxica wrote:

I have the 5Dmk1 and GF1 and frankly see no great difference in image quality between the two. Still I use the 5D professionally (mostly because it LOOKS professional!) and the GF1 gets used for everything else. I have the whole kit: body, wide angle, normal and telephoto lenses riding around with me in a fannypack. Haven't had so much fun with a camera in years!

Agreed... I bought the 5d 4 years ago for £1800.00 AFTER the price drop, I progressed through the usual purchases onto L lenses and nice fast none L primes... most of this is now sold, I cant see a day when I will ever miss it..

Shame the GF1 is no good for astro photography, my astro modded 40d is superb and is the only DSLR I keep at home along with the Sigma 100-300 EX DG , which is my all time favourite lens.. (now used to shoot stars & nebula wide field)

I do miss the out of camera 3d look from the 5D, but its out weighed by portability and photoshop
Cheers Guy...
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