Color Space - sRGB or Adobe RGB

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Re: Color Space - sRGB or Adobe RGB

Just a few additions to what's been said:

Most printing services you're likely to use are sRGB based, e.g. my service of choice AdoramaPix. Normally you'll want to output sRGB for printing, and this is also what you'll want to the web.

That said, there is real advantage in processing in a larger color space than your output space. However, as I understand it, AdobeRGB isn't so much larger than sRGB to gain much advantage here if you're outputting to sRGB color space for RGB (not CMYK) devices. As John suggests, you're better off shooting in RAW and processing in a program which supports one of the very large color spaces like ProPhotoRGB. LR and Aperture both fit the bill here.

My preferred course is to shoot RAW + sRGB JPEG. That way I have a web and print ready JPEG (I don't normally print CMYK), and a RAW file for flexibility. For anything more than minor PP, I'll go back to the RAW. If you regularly print in CMYK and don't want to go back to the RAW file to do so, you might want to make the JPEG AdobeRGB and convert to sRGB using the ICC profile for your printer and paper type.

I dare say that, more important than working in larger color spaces, is working within a color calibrated workflow as much as possible: calibrate your monitor and use ICC profiles from your printing services.

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