"Pinocchio" nose on FZ100

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So, it looks like it's a mix. The adapter tube is used for teleconveters and the macro lens, while lightweight filters can be screwed directly onto the lens (52mm threads). It might be feasible to screw a WA adapter directly onto the lens, as long as you didn't try to zoom with it on and possibly overload the telescoping mechanism.

Do you really need a wide angle lens adapter when FZ100 starts at 25mm?

Yes, just the same as you need a teleconverter even though the FZ100 lens goes to 600mm. Too much is never enough.

Seriously, I have a Nikon .68 WA adapter that I put on my ZS3 (which also goes down to 25mm) that takes it down to 17mm. It does have its uses. I'm sure if I get an FZ100 I'll try out a variety of adapter lenses.

If I find an adapter lens that works well, I will likely buy an extra FZ100 lens hood to build a quick-detach mount, as I’ve done with my FZ30. I just hate screwing lenses on and off. It'd be nice if Panasonic would make such a thing, except it'd cost $120.

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