Actual LX5 vs LX3 ISO 1600 comparison. I prefer LX3 result.

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Re: Actual LX5 vs LX3 ISO 1600 comparison. I prefer LX3 result.

trevmar wrote:

Interestingly, Panasonic see the LX series targeted at "Professional" work:

(source: )

I saw that Chart Yesterday also,.... and just laughed. Another Emperor's New Clothes argument? The camera does not even have a Viewfinder, you have to buy one if you want it. And it uses a Wide-Teleconverter for wider photos, which we all know will deteriorate image quality. Movie mode is not Full HD, etc. etc

Even Panasonic knows that LX target market are people who wanted something more than what at that moment compacts could offer, or people that just were amazed by LX3 photo beautifulness, as me.

Of course that somebody could have win a local contest or even published some compact's photos in some newspaper with and LX3 or some other compact, but the same has also happend with cell phone photos when there was nobody else with a professional camera to capture that view or news.

For example, I as an amateur birder, I will have no problem to use a FZ100 for birder identification purposes, but at the same time I also realized some months ago that the only equipment for really beautiful (personal) birding photos would be a DSLR with a prime lens and I even realized that Canon 550D was not enough, as I thought at the begining of my study, but it has to be at least the 7D and the lens had to be at least the 400mm f/5.6 (as the cheaper option for a lens). And maybe I will by that set in the future, but I'm honest enough to know that that will not make me a Professional, at least us I understand porfessionalism.

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