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Gidday Jimmy

Jimmy Lai wrote:

Color Space – sRGB or Adobe RGB – which do you prefer? And Why? sRGB seems to be the default setting on all the cameras.

The colour space is irrelevant if you are shooting RAW. JPEGs have a colour profile, as do TIFFs; RAW files have no colour space (or WB ... ) until one is assigned in processing the RAW into an image file.

I shoot aRGB because the sRGB is deficient in the green part of the spectrum (for my OoC JPEGs). Any that get uploaded to the web get converted to sRGB ...

For RAWs, I process these into ProPhotoRGB (or ROMM RGB), 16 bit colour space, then PP in PSD-16.

The colours in the final print are quite amazingly better, with richer tonal depth and nuances of tone than either JPEGs or even PP using an 8 bit colour space, even when lossless (e.g. TIFF-8, PSD-8).

I use a 19" calibrated Philips CRT monitor, and I am yet to see a panel monitor that's as good ... Printers use sRGB, 8 bit, CMYK. I use paper-specific ICC profiles within PS, and let PS manage the colour conversion from ProPhotoRGB to sRGB, RGB to CMYK and 16 bit to 8 bit. I reckon that PS will do this better than the printer driver can (it does ... ).

BTW, ProPhotoRGB-16 is capable of handling a colour space (gamut) that is far greater than the human eye can see. aRGB is nearly as great as the human eye. sRGB doesn't come close, but still better than some others still in use ...

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